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I have a script that will run on end users' computers as the user. I need to insert data about the user's computer into the table.(This is why I chose a stored procedure in the first place. What I would like to do is map the monitors to the computers in the mapping table.I tried to do multiple refreshes and restarts but still the same.When I try to create a procedure for other purpose like selecting or deleting, it works with no problems. And as we know from examples like the Seattle monorail crash (see notes at the end of this article), any system that is designed with a built-in flaw will eventually fail because of that flaw.Here is a better solution: -- if the procedure does not exist create a placeholder if not exists ( select * from sys.objects where name = N'p_My Proc' and type = N'P' ) begin exec('create procedure p_My Proc as RAISERROR (''My Proc not defined'', 16, 1);'); end go grant execute on p_My Proc to Some Role go -- update stored proc alter procedure p_My Proc as begin print 'go forth and do great things' end go NOTE: Thanks to Justin Wignall for bug-fix to the code above.Because my database schema is so simple I'll just post it here.Note: All timestamps are set in the default values. I keep getting a "Must declare the scalar variable".

The communication between two layers could be in the form of ad hoc SQL statements such as INSERT, SELECT, UPDATE, and DELETE.

Just kick all your users off the server, switch to single user mode, execute the code above and it will work fine. You’re running a service that needs to be highly available, and you can’t take a maintenance period every time you want to change code?

Using the drop create method there is obviously a small window of time when the stored procedure does not exist.

To save time and memory, extensive or complex processing that requires execution of several SQL statements can be saved into stored procedures, and all applications call the procedures.

One can use nested stored procedures by executing one stored procedure from within another.

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A stored procedure (also termed proc, storp, sproc, Sto Pro, Stored Proc, Store Proc, sp, or SP) is a subroutine available to applications that access a relational database management system (RDBMS).

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