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In the movie , loud, aggressive Katie (Barbra Streisand) falls in love with excessively reserved Hubbell (Robert Redford).

[…] Read more If you’ve never been involved with a cunning, pathological lying, narcissistic, abusive partner, you may not know what you’re dealing with.Krystyna knows about the concerns and problematic issues of Russian/Ukrainian-Western dating and relationship.Part of Krystyna’s work as a intercultural dating coach is sharing her experiences from the personal point of view and as a blogger.I’m currently dating Hitomi, a lovely Japanese man I met last year while I was traveling in Japan.Although I didn’t have many boyfriends in my life (Hitomi is my third, and very hopefully the last), he is not my first experience in intercultural dating.

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"If someone from Beijing descended upon the dinner table, we'd be conscious of making them feel comfortable," says Stanley Ned Rosenbaum, co-author with his wife, Mary Helene Rosenbaum, of (1994, Ragged Edge Press, $19.95).

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