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The OWC DEC will be available for purchase in Spring 2017, according to OWC.

Form factor of the OWC DEC is little different from what used to be the standard Mac Book Pro thickness.

The : no dongles, the classic ports right built-in, and from what I understand—potentially configurable for all sorts of things like extra battery power, gobs of SSD storage, possibly even hard drives.

In short, a really powerful platform could make a Mac Book Pro into a portable desktop grade machine, particularly if/when Apple introduces the Kaby Lake chipset to the Mac Book Pro line.

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Another factor is data safety: by having a 2nd (or 3rd drive) in the DEC, pros that cannot lose data can backup the internal drive conveniently (think video footage that cannot be re-shot and whose loss could break a reputation after ruining that wedding or whatever)—remember the is that up to 8TB will be possible before long, OWC says up to 4TB initially), extra battery power should be configurable too—how about 20 or 30 hours of battery life?

That too is my guess but the volume of the DEC should be able support something like that and/or a mix of SSD and battery boost. I don’t see anything that precludes all sorts of terrific expansion capabilities, all by extending the thicknesss of the Mac Book Pro to a height little different from what used to be the standard thickness.

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