Dating inconsistent

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Dating inconsistent

When you’re committed to someone, you no longer go on dates or give your number out to potential dates – and this is something that he has to give up, too.

If he’s being inconsistent, he might be trying to figure out whether being committed is right for him right now.

He is your happy place where there is no stress, only good times and great memories.

You are bearing the brunt of the world on your shoulders, but you still find time for him.

What do you do when your man pulls back or is inconsistent? If a man feels there is an open door 'in and out of your life' - he'll take it. You change your plans, you free your time, you wait.. so he takes it and then goes back to being inconsistent.

It drives you nuts but regardless how many times you have yelled, cried or screamed; he continues to do it! A man comes in and out of your life for one reason; because you ALLOW it. ' When he pulls back and you don't hear from him for days, weeks or God forbid - months, you labor almost every day thinking about him and trying to get him back. The WORST mistake you can make is to anxiously welcome him back and allow the relationship to go back to where it was BEFORE he disappeared.

When you reward his bad behavior with 'attention' and 'telling him how much you care and desire him' you reward him for being inconsiderate to you.

He begins to subconsciously feel that being inconsistent is the best way to get attention from you. He gets the attention he needs from you when he is being inconsistent and that drives him to do it. Stop chasing him and PULL BACK and watch the changes unfold. She is 'nice' but 'aloof' and when he wants to see her or chat or have sex..

This is why I never want you to be the woman who bends over backward for a guy who isn't truly interested in bending a little for you in return. We often are last on our own priority list because we are so busy trying to take care of everyone else.

When he is being inconsistent or inattentive the absolute WORST thing you can do is call, text or email him. Again, that reinforces the negative behavior and you make it waaaaaaaay to easy for him. If they encounter a man that is inconsistent - after the first time he 'disappears' when they 're-appear' the woman is unavailable, nonchalant and totally uninvolved with this man emotionally.

When he finally does contact you, you may yell, scream or cry and make him promise not to do it again, but he keeps repeating this pattern.. until YOU pull in the reigns and say 'enough is enough'. When he ends up getting what he wants from you - be it sex, attention, words of adoration, (or whatever drives him) that gives him his 'fix'..

He quickly realizes that in order to KEEP THIS WOMAN he has to be on his toes and treat her well; with attention, consideration and love. Believe it or not, in both instances, the man really wants the woman in his life; so you truly do hold the key to determine how a man treats you.

So the best approach to get a man to be more consistent is simple.

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she tells him she is busy and/or doesn't respond to him for awhile.