Dating hofner basses

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Dating hofner basses

Gear returned in great condition, with only minor signs of use, such as slight scuffs or pick marks.

Don't get the idea that this a just a "nowhere man" look-alike.

The Hofner Verythin was extremely popular with groups during the 1960s beat boom era.

The Hofner Verythin Contemporary not only captures that unique 60s sound but also has the ability to produce tones ranging from deep gutsy blues through to cutting distorted rock.

There is obviously pictures around of 127/128/Club60:s with both Fuma and "Bar" pickups and those where fazed out of production already in 1959.

A qualified guess would be that those "de luxe" models turned up around 1958, in connection with the Hofner introduction in the UK.

Another way of finding out the approximate year of manufacture, is by looking at the potentiometers.With authentic details inspired by the original, the Hofner Ignition Series Vintage Bass makes the legendary violin bass available to the rest of us.Don't get the idea that this a just a "nowhere man...Electrical controls initially were simply a rotary volume and tone control for each pickup; the pickups being turned off by turning down the volume controls. It has been sitting in our family garage since the late ’90s. The previous owner has just put this bass on the street to be taken away – clearly not knowing it’s value – along with a 1961 Dynacord Bass King tube amplifier head.Later Artist basses had two individual pickup slider switches mounted on the treble side of the scratchplate, in addition to the four rotary controls. Since it’s a real eye-catcher, my uncle thought he’d bring it home (along with the amp), and then gave it to my older brother.

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This quality instrument features a real spruce top and beautiful flamed maple back and sides.

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