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Combining numerical and relative age dating

Joseph Achron and his brother, Isidor, were musically trained from an early age by their father on the violin and the piano respectively.

Joseph, who was considered a prodigy, gave extensive concert tours to all the cities of the Russian Empire following his debut in Warsaw at the age of seven. Petersburg Conservatory, which he entered in 1899 at the age of 13, he was a member of the violin class of the legendary teacher, Leopold Auer, along with Jascha Heifetz and Nathan Milstein. Petersburg, Achron became active in the Society for Jewish Folk Music, which had been established to promote, organize, and present Jewish music.

Geologic time covers the whole sweep of earth's history, from how and when the earth first formed, to everything that has happened on, in, and to the planet since then, right up to now.

These soul-searching melodies without words poignantly re-kindled the lives of the Hasidic Jews in Eastern Europe in the early 19th and the 20th centuries.

One particular kind was used in prayer and for study, and it can be assumed that Achron heard the Nigun that became the Hebrew Melody sung by his grandfather at the synagogue and at home.

By using the principles of relative geologic age, the sequence of geologic events -- what happened first, what happened next, what happened last -- can be established.

Absolute geologic age refers to how long ago a geologic event occurred or a rock formed, in numeric terms, such as 65.5 million years ago.

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Dating refers to several methods we use to measure how old a rock is.